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Frequently Asked Questions


Does Dr. Finn's Games ship games outside the U.S.?

Not always.  At any given time, a certain number of Dr. Finn's Games may be in a U.K. warehouse, out of which we ship our games internationally.  To find out if a game is available for shipping to a non-U.S. destination, contact Steve at doctorfinns@gmail.com.  You might also try purchasing the game from Dr. Finn's  Amazon store, since some of our games are set up for international shipping through Amazon.  The best bet is to sign up to Dr. Finn's email list to find out when a Kickstarter campaign is launched.  Dr. Finn's Games offers the best prices during Kickstarter campaigns, when you can order new games with older games.

Will out of print games from Dr. Finn's be reprinted?

At this point, there is no plan to reprint any older games from Dr. Finn's Games. Through licensing agreements with other companies, some older games may eventually be reprinted, but there are no immediate plans for this to happen.  Dr. Finn usually has only one print run of each game, so if you are interested in Dr. Finn's games, it is best to purchase the games while they are available.  Down the road, as we grow, it may be possible to offer more reprints.