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Doctor Finn's Games is an independent game publishing company that makes fun, quick, and easy to learn strategy games. Our games have received high praise from members of the board game community. To be notified of special sales, Kickstarter launches, and to be entered into our monthly game drawing, please sign up to Dr. Finn's email list or follow us through a social media platforms.  Save up to 25% on Dr. Finn's Games by joining our Kickstarter Club


Take on the role of a medieval monk trying to amass supplies to build a great scriptorium of sacred and profane books.

Biblios Dice

The dice version of Dr. Finn's most popular game, Biblios. Have fun drafting dice as you collect resources necessary to build your scriptorium.

The Butterfly Garden

Collect beautiful and rare butterflies and deliver them to the local butterfly garden to earn the respect of fellow lepidopterists.

Capo dei Capi

Compete for control against another mob leader in New York City during the prohibition. Do you have what it takes to be boss of the bosses?

Cosmic Run

Race through space in this dice-rolling romp of a game.  Reach planets before they are destroyed to set up colonies and to start humanity anew.


Fish, hunt, and gather fruit to bring back to your tribe. Will you be able to forage the most resources to earn the title of tribal leader?

Institute for Magical Arts

The school master has mysteriously vanished and two wizards compete to take his place as the leader of the Institute.

Let Them Eat Shrimp

Swim, spawn, and avoid sharks in this fun tile-laying family game for 2-5 players. Simple rules, yet complex strategy, makes it appealing to all.

C.O.G.  Coming Soon

London 1875 The Cabinet of Gadgetry (C.O.G.) appeals for resources to continue its important work in constructing The Great Apparatus.

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